September Opening


From September, as you are aware, we will be welcoming all pupils back into school. You will be aware that since the return of Reception and Year 6, we have continued to assess risk and implement procedures for mitigating and managing concern around COVID-19 transmission with good hygiene management and infection control. Everyone in school has worked hard to ensure the systems and procedures planned have been implemented.

We have continued to work with our school partners to ensure robust planning for September and are ready to welcome all pupils back into school.

In order to do this safely, and to ensure both parents, children and staff remain safe, there are a number of changes to procedures in and around school. It is essential that all Parents and Carers are aware of these changes and that we all ensure we follow these consistently and at all times. Large gatherings remain banned, and it is important to remember that we can have over 1400 persons on site at any one time at pick up and drop off – therefore we need to ensure we carry this out smoothly and with a structure; I am sure you understand the complexities around this.

Please be aware of the following changes to school patterns: –

● Layton will open to all pupils from September 3rd 2020.

● Only one parent will be allowed on site per child. This is to reduce adults on site and allow those who do come onto school grounds to socially distance.

● Doors will open for children to enter from 8.40am. Doors will close at 8.55am. Please be aware of your child’s entrance and exit.

● Teachers will return to formal wear and children to winter school uniform.

● The ramp between KS1 and KS2 will be closed. Parents will be able to drop off children in both Key Stages due to staggered start and finish times.

● Classes will start and finish at staggered times – please see the table below.

● Year groups will represent bubbles – they will play and eat separately to other year groups and start and finish school at different times.

● Parents will not be allowed in the classroom and will be expected to maintain social distancing at all times when on site.

● Children are expected to be in school, on time. Lateness presents problems for your child entering the building.

● The school office will be open from 9.00am – 10.00am only. Parents and carers will be able to discuss urgent business only with office staff in person. Access will be at the office window as parents are not allowed to enter school. We kindly ask that you phone or email your queries instead of coming onto the school site.

● All class bubbles will initially eat in classrooms. Children who take a school dinner will be provided with a packed lunch.

● Parents collecting from Years 3, 4 and 5 must stay behind the painted line on the Key Stage 2 playground.

● A shortened school day will allow for staggered drop off and pick up times – this will be different for each group of children.

● There will be increased hygiene and hand washing as children move in and out of the classroom along with regular hand washing throughout the day.

● Children will have regular access to their outdoor area, which will be separate from other bubbles.

● PE will continue to be taught. Children must come in wearing their PE kit and track suit bottoms on the day they are timetabled for this. These dates will be sent out separately.

● Any children displaying symptoms will need to be sent home and will be kept in isolation until collected. They will then need to access a test before they are allowed back into school. Please ensure the office has your correct contact details

● We will be looking to start Breakfast and After School Club mid September once we have assessed the situation at the time. We understand that this may be difficult for working parents, but we will open this as soon as it is safe to do so.

Year Group Entrance/Exit Start and Finish Times

Foundation Use Lynwood Gates ONLY. Enter/Exit through classroom doors FK, FJ, FP Start at 8.40am and finish 2.50pm (after completion of induction period to school)

Year 1 Use Lynwood or Eastwood Gates ONLY. Enter/Exit via classroom doors Start at 8.40am and finish at 3pm

Year 2 Use the Lynwood or Eastwood Gates ONLY. Enter/Exit via classroom doors. Start at 8.40 am and finish at 3pm

Year 3 Use the Meyler Gates ONLY. Pupils will enter through the doors to the left of reception doors to access class. Collect your child from the KS2 playground Start at 8.40am and finish at 3.15pm.

Year 4 Use the Meyler Gates ONLY. Pupils will enter through the doors at the dining room. Collect your child from the KS2 playground. Start at 8.40am and finish at 3.15pm.

Year 5 Use the Meyler Gates ONLY. Pupils enter via the doors next to the dining room doors. Collect your child from the KS2 playground. Start at 8.40am and finish at 3.15pm.

Year 6 Enter via the Eastwood or Lynwood Gates ONLY. 6SM enter through doors by Year 2 class/directly opposite the Eastwood Gate. 6G & 6M enter through the classroom doors. Pupils will exit the same way and that is where you meet your child. Start at 8.40am and finish at 3.15pm.

Children must not bring any items from home other than their own packed lunch should they choose not to be taking up their school meal offer.

Classes will be entering through different doors and they will have different drop off and pick up times. Please see the information above for the time your child will start and finish school and where. In order to reduce risk, we cannot accept children into class who are late.

The school telephones will be manned, and the office will be open between 9.00am and 10.00am. All non-urgent queries will be dealt with via telephone or email.

Please ensure that you enter and leave the school grounds through the allocated entrance for your year group – your children will be entering and exiting through these entrances.

The following procedures should be followed should anyone in your household or your child develop symptoms of coronavirus

● Notify the school immediately

● Arrange to be tested

● Keep your child at home until the test result is known (Children may return to school should their test be negative)

● If your child comes into contact with any persons testing positive, isolate from all other persons for 14 days

● Should children fall ill in school, they must be collected as soon as is possible. Unfortunately, we will have to isolate them until such time as they are able to be collected

● Should any child or adult test positive, the school bubble will be required to isolate for 14 days

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our children back into school and have missed them very much.

Staff will be at the allotted entrances to welcome your child back into school and ensure they move to the correct area. We look forward to seeing you then and thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

Mr Jonathan Clucas


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