How We Secure Additional Services and Expertise

How We Secure Additional Services and Expertise


In some cases the school may require the support of other professional agencies and services. In this case the school will invite parents/carers in to discuss the reasons for the request and what the intended outcomes are.


The school may use the services of the Local Education Authority, or may buy in other professional services as and when deemed appropriate. This will be provided through the notional SEN budget allocated to the school from the Local Education Authority and is usually requested via a referral by the SENCO following a meeting with Class Teacher and parents/carers.


Some of the services the school can request are:


Communication & Language Advisory Service

Complex Learning Difficulties Advisory Service

Visually Impaired Advisory Service

Behaviour Advisory Service

Emotional Support Worker

Hearing Impaired Advisory Services

Physical/Sensory Advice Service

Shine Therapy Speech & Language Service

Shine Therapy Occupational Service

Educational Psychology Service

School Nurse /Doctor

Hospital/Home Tuition

Special Educational Resource Facilities

Pupil Referral Unit

Student Support Team

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Pupil Welfare Officer

The Linden Centre