School in these COVID-19 times

 and 6SM isolating until midnight on 22nd July 2021and 

Year Group Bubble Status
Foundation Open
Year 1 Open
Year 2 2CB isolating until midnight 22nd July 2021
Year 3 3C isolating until midnight 22nd July 2021
Year 4 Open
Year 5 Class 5D are isolating (dates will be provided to families via the App) and 5H isolating until midnight 26th July 2021
Year 6 Class 6G isolating until midnight 24 July 2021 and 6SM isolating until midnight on 22nd July 2021
Breakfast Club Open
After School Club Open

You can read about the most recent closures in the ‘Letter’s Home’ section of our website


Breakfast and After School Clubs

We are offering ‘wrap around care’.  Please contact the school office on 01253 392179 to arrange and book your child’s place.

You can find out more about Extended Schools in the Parents section or click here to read more.  Also in the Parents section, Extended Schools, you can find out about what types of Extra Curricular clubs are offered to our pupils.


The following procedures should be followed should anyone in your household or your child develop symptoms of coronavirus:

  • Notify the school immediately, in school hours by phone or using the ParentApp or outside of school hours (weekend, evenings, holidays etc) email [email protected]
  • Arrange to be tested
  • Keep your child at home until the test result is known (Children may return to school should their test
    be negative and they present as symptom free)
  • If your child comes into contact with any persons testing positive, isolate from all other persons for 10 days
  • Should children fall ill in school, they must be collected as soon as is possible. Unfortunately, we will have to isolate them until such time as they are able to be collected
  • Should any child or adult test positive, the school bubble will be required to isolate for 10 days
  • School will continue to identify close contacts; should there be any further positive cases, groups or bubbles of children may be asked to self-isolate, as a bubble, for up to 10 days where health guidance
All staff in school are currently taking lateral flow COVID tests twice week to ensure our school remains as safe as possible.  We ask that you continue to work with and support us to help keep the whole school community safe.

 COVID-19 School Day

We are pleased to open up to the wider school community but we have revisited our procedures and risk assessments to ensure the continued safety of all at Layton Primary School.

  • Layton will open to all pupils from March 8th
  • Breakfast and after School Club will re-open. Places will need to be confirmed with the school office prior to re-opening. We cannot offer places if you have not requested a place.
  • Only one parent will be allowed on site per child. This is to reduce adults on site and allow those who do come onto school grounds to socially distance
  • All adults must wear a face covering correctly, unless they have a lanyard which exempts them from doing so. You will not be allowed on site without a face covering unless you are exempt
  • Doors will open for children to enter from 8.40. Doors will close at 8.55. Please be aware of your child’s entrance and exit
  • The ramp between KS1 and KS2 will remain closed. Parents will be able to drop off children in both Key Stages due to staggered start and finish times
  • Classes will start and finish at staggered times – please see table below. Please do not arrive early and congregate at the school gates
  • Year groups will continue to represent bubbles – they will play and eat separately to other year groups, and finish school at different times. Please ensure you are aware of the correct time for collection of your child
  • Parents will not be allowed in the classroom and will be expected to maintain social distancing at all times when on site. Key Stage 1 we expect parents to restrict conversations with class teachers.
    Please make a telephone appointment if you wish to discuss something with the class teacher
  • Children are expected to be in school, on time. Lateness presents problems for your child entering the building.
  • The school office will be open from 9.00 – 10.00 only. Parents and carers will be able to discuss urgent business only with office staff. Access will be at the office window as parents are not allowed to enter school
  • Parents collecting from Years 3,4 and 5 must stay behind the painted line on the Key Stage playground
  • The school day will allow for staggered drop off and pick up times – this will be different for each group of children
  • Increased hygiene and hand washing as children move in and out of the classroom. We alternate between soap and hand sanitiser as per our risk assessment
  • Children will have regular access to their outdoor area, which will be separate from other bubbles
  • PE will continue to be taught. Swimming will recommence for Year 5. Children must come in PE kit
    and track suit bottoms on the day they are timetabled for PE. These dates will be sent out separately.
  • Any children displaying symptoms will need to be sent home and will be kept in isolation until collected. They will then need to access a test before they are allowed back into school. Please ensure the office has your correct contact details


Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 (including Foundation)

  •  We request only one parent/carer  comes onto the premises at drop off and pick up times.
  • Parents must stand behind the cones on the yard to allow for social distancing at classroom doors. If you have a query, question, message for class teacher you can do this via the school office by email [email protected] or by phone (01253) 392179.
  • Drop off times are between 8.40am and 8.55am

School finishes at:

Foundation – 3pm

Year 1 – 3.05pm

Year 2 – 3.05pm


Key Stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5

  • For years 3, 4 and 5 it is not necessary for parents to come onto the premises at the start of the school day.
  • Parents can drop off children at the Meyler gates between 8.40am and 8.55am.
  • After 8.55am, classroom doors will be closed and children must sign in at the school office.
  • At the end of the school day, one parent/carer may come onto the yard to collect their child from year 3, 4 or 5. They must enter via Meyler gates and must maintain social distancing.
  • Parent/carer are asked to stay behind the line on the yard.
  • Teachers will dismiss children once they know an adult is present to collect them.
  • Please do not attempt to collect your child before the teacher has dismissed them, this is to ensure safety.

School finishes at:

Year 3 – 3.10pm

Year 4 – 3.15pm

Year 5 – 3.20pm


Key Stage 2 – Year 6

  •  Children should enter through either Lynwood gates or Eastwood gates.
  • They must use the same route at the end of the day.
  • Parents of year 6 children do not need to come onto the site.
  • Parent/carer can wait for their children at the Lynwood or Eastwood gates at the end of the school day or agree alternative meeting points with their child.

School finishes for year 6 pupils at 3.20pm

Please note, children in years 4, 5 and 6 can walk home but school office must be notified that permission has been allowed.


  • Meyler Gates (green cross on map above) are at the bottom of Meyler Avenue. Meyler Avenue runs parallel to St Walburgas Road and is off the A586 Poulton Road which becomes Westcliffe Drive.
  • Lynwood Gates (purple cross on map above) are at the bottom of Lynwood Avenue, which runs off Layton town centre (Westcliffe Drive) by P&G Stores.
  • Eastwood Gates (blue cross on map above) – Eastwood Avenue is at the bottom of Highbury Avenue. Highbury runs off Westcliffe Drive just past the Tesco Express.  You can find the gate at the bottom of Eastwood Avenue on the right.


COVID -19 PE, Bags, Packed Lunches & Equipment


  • At present we request children do not bring bags into school unless it is a book bag provided by school

Packed Lunches

  • A suitable packed lunch bag or container can be brought into school. Clearly named.

Please note all children regardless of whether they have a packed lunch from home or have a meal from the school kitchen, must bring in their own filled drinks bottle.  Clearly named.


  • Children are asked to come into school in their PE kits on the days that they have PE.
  • In addition to the PE shorts and top, they can wear either a Layton Primary tracksuit (these can be purchased from Ragamuffins in Layton town centre) or plain dark jogging bottoms and their school jumper. These can be worn over their PE shorts and top.
  • Children can wear PE pumps or a plain trainer on their PE days.

PE Days and Swimming


Year Group/Class

PE Day



1M and 1AM




2B and 2T



Foundation – class teacher advises parent/carers of when they will do PE

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6

Friday (Plus Year 5 swimming)

Risk Assessments – COVID-19: Click on the right to read our assessments of risk during the pandemic.


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