Pupils Mobile Phones

Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones into school unless:
  • They are a Year 5 or a Year 6 pupil who walks home and needs the phone for emergency/make contact with home, parents or carers.
In addition:
  • Mobile phones must be handed to class teacher, who will keep the phone in a safe place.
  • Any phones brought into school and kept by the pupil, will be confiscated and the parent or carer contacted.
  • Phones will be be returned to the pupil at the end of the school day.  It is the pupils responsibility to ensure that they go home with their phone.

School accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to mobile phones whilst on the school property.


Mobile Phone Policy

You can view our policy on mobile phones in teh Policy section of our website.  Alternatively, click Mobile Phone Policy.

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