Pupil Leadership Team

Welcome to Our Pupil Leadership Team


Pupil Leadership Structure

We have a comprehensive structure with clear roles and responsibilities, which forms part of our Pupil Leadership in school.

Proud to be Prefects

As well as our Pupil Leadership, we have our hardworking Year 6 Prefect Team who represent the 5R’s to fellow Pupils and Staff.  Click on ‘Prefect Team’ to find out who they are!!

Mini iLeaders

As an Apple School we have a dedicated group of iLeaders.  The mini iLeaders work with our ileader staff members to support learning.

Meet our Pupil Leadership Team

Charlie, Head Boy

I am looking forward to helping everyone in school with their learning.  Whatever you need from Pupil Leadership we will do it!  Fun Facts:  I love school!

Amelia, Head Girl

I am excited to be part of Pupil Leadership focussing on eco topics.  I see it it as my role to make sure we are doing the best we can to be an eco-school.  Fun Facts:  I am extremely passionate about our world and how we need to protect it.

Vinnie, Deputy Head Boy

I see it as my job to make people happy around schoo and I am proud to be focusing on well-being as part of Pupil leadership.  Fun Facts:  I like skateboarding and tennis.  I love to draw and art is one of my favourite subjects in school.  My favourite teachers are Miss Domics and Miss Murphy and the best of all, Mr Clucas – great hair!


Sophie, Deputy Head Girl

I see it as my role to ensure children work hard and think outside the box!  Fun Facts:  I enjoy cricket, dancing and reading!

Year 6 Pupil Leadership Representatives

Harleen, Lexi, Ella, Lexi, Daisy, Jayden, Jacob & Charlie

Harleen:  I am kind, caring and try to keep everyone happy.  I am looking forward to helping everyone.  Fun facts:  I am super smiley!

Lexi:  My favourite part of Pupil leadership Is helping other pupils with their work.  Fun Facts:  By far my favourite subject is maths as it challenges my brain!

Ella:  I am excited to make our school eco-friendly   I am caring, funny and passionate pupil who wants to make the world a better place.  I want to make the pupils experience here amazing!  Fun facts:  I am a very funny and happy person.

Lexi:  I feel my job is to make sure you are as happy as possible in school.  This is why I am proud to be part of the well-being focused team.  Fun Facts:  I am a Harry Potter expert!

Daisy:  I am proud to be a representive of the school and part of Pupil Leadership.  Fun Facts:  I love maths and SPAG!

Jayden:  I am proud to be part of Pupil Leadership and focused on critical thinking.  Fun Facts:  I am the tallest student in school!

Jacob:  I would like to help pupils reach their full potential, so they can do their best.  I want children to love school like they love their familes!  Fun Facts:  I am looking forward to keeping count of the money when we fundraise in school!

Charlie: As part of my role I want to tackle plastic pollution and help the environment.  I care about animals and you could help the oceans and the environment with me!  Fun Facts:  I love to draw oceans and forest and because of the detail it can take me hours.

Lynsey Haley Davis Administrator

Oliwia, Year 5 Pupil Leadership

I am proud to be part of Pupil Leadership team one of my focuses is on eco initiatives.  I care about nature and our planet.

Fun facts:  my favourite films are the Harry Potter series and I love every single one of my school lessons!



Mollie, Year 4 Pupil Leadership

I am excited to be part of the Pupil Leadership Team because I like helping people.  I am very helpful, kind and I love Layton Primary School.

Fun facts:  I love to skip, play tag and hopscotch.  I am learning the piano and love to read.  I also love doing my homework!


Lynsey Haley Davis Administrator

Jorgie, Year 3 Pupil Leadership

I really love school and helping people and I am proud to be part of the Pupil Leadership Team.

Fun facts:  My favourite subjects are art and PE and I love my teachers Miss Bennett, Miss Cooper and Miss Tweedale!  I also love my dog Shelby.

Flynn, Year 2 Pupil Leadership

I am looking forward to how I can make school even better.  Fun fact:  As part of Pupil Leadership, I have been able to explore different parts of the school, in particular KS2.  Our school is very big!

Archie, Year 1 Pupil Leadership

I am looking forward to participating as part of Pupil Leadership and I already have ideas of what suggestions to put forward.

Fun facts:  I am 5 years old, have a dog called Athena and I love basketball!


Lynsey Haley Davis Administrator

Charlie, Foundation Pupil Leadership

I enjoy talking about school and helping school.

Fun Fact:  I have a huge dog called Lola!


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