Pupil Leadership Team

Welcome to Our Pupil Leadership Team


Pupil Leadership Structure

We have a comprehensive structure with clear roles and responsibilities, which forms part of our Pupil Leadership in school.

Proud to be Prefects

As well as our Pupil Leadership, we have our hardworking Year 6 Prefect Team who represent the 5R’s to fellow Pupils and Staff.  Click on ‘Prefect Team’ to find out who they are!!

Mini iLeaders

As an Apple School we have a dedicated group of iLeaders.  The mini iLeaders work with our ileader staff members to support learning.

Meet our Pupil Leadership Team

Head Boy – Tyler

Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m the new Head Boy at Layton Primary School. I really wanted to be Head Boy because I am a very sensible and responsible pupil who uses all of the 5Rs. I always show my best behaviour around school and hope to lead by example.

Lynsey Haley Davis Administrator

Head Girl – Phoebe

The reason I applied for the challenging role of Head Girl was to thank and repay Layton for all it has done for me. Even though I’ve not been a pupil here since Foundation, the Layton family welcomed me here and has offered me a fun and amazing education that has boosted my confidence. I really want our school to thrive; my promise is to help Layton be the best it can possibly be.

Deputy Head Boy – Decster

As Deputy Head Buy and a member of the Pupil Leadership Team, my hope is to help the school become even better. In my role, I get to work with other pupils to improve areas such as teaching and learning, the community, pupil well-being and eco matters. In the future, I hope our ideas will have an impact and ensure that many more children enjoy their time at Layton.


Lynsey Haley Davis Administrator

Deputy Head Girl – Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m the new Deputy Head Girl here at Layton. I am really proud to have this role and I cannot wait to do more work with the other PLT members. I know that this is a very big responsibility but I am ready to take it on. The PLT hope to help in all areas of school life and make Layton an even better place to be.

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