Jewish Cemetery Visit

In Hebrew, a cemetery is called a beit kevarot (house or place of graves). According to Jewish tradition, a cemetery is a holy place more sacred even than a synagogue.

 A Jewish cemetery is hallowed ground, exclusively for the burial or entombment of decedents of the Jewish faith. 

Over the last three weeks, year one have been visiting our local Jewish Cemetery as part of our RE topic on Judaism.

We looked at the Ohel (prayer hall) along with the symbolism and traditions of the burial ground. 

 One custom we discovered was to leave a small stone at the grave of a loved one after visiting. Its origins are rooted in ancient times – throughout the centuries the tradition of leaving a visitation stone has become part of the act of remembrance.

Miss Hargreaves taught us to identify three different Jewish symbols often found on memorial stones: Stars of David, Menorahs and CohenHands.

Can you identify which is which from the symbols below?

Ask your child to help you!

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