Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

A warm welcome to Layton Primary School’s website. Here you will find plenty of information about our school, our aims, our welcoming ethos and our staff.

We wish to enable your child to be the best they can be, whatever their talents, and to develop their skills so they achieve beyond their expectations. We love our work, and we strive for all our school to value learning; it is integral to all we do.

At Layton we place a high value on educating the whole child in all areas of the curriculum. We are a school community which works strongly together and places a high value on children’s attainment and achievement; our values and ethos focus on developing the skills required to learn well, at the heart of which is our 5 Rs; Resilience, relationships, risk taking, resourcefulness and reflectiveness are the central core of everything we undertake.

More information on pupils’ successful achievements can be found on the page linking to performance data – we consistently strive to ensure our children achieve and attain well. Our children consistently achieve incredibly well, significantly above local and national averages and within the highest 20% of schools in the country. We’re proud of the children and the standards they achieve; this prepares them for further success as they move to Secondary school.

In October of 2017 we received an outstanding judgement in all areas from OFSTED. We continue to look to build on this success and will continue to strive for excellence – we will continue to seek all avenues to improve what we do for our families and children.

We are currently an Apple Distinguished School and place particular emphasis on using ICT to support development of children as independent learners who are articulate in discussing their learning. Children who are able to discuss and challenge theirs and others’ learning is integral to our school ethos.

We deliver a bespoke curriculum which is tailored to the needs of the children in our community, complying with all national requirements, but tailored to cater for individual needs. We place a high value on the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy, as well as the skills of learning itself, in order that our children can continue to learn throughout life, and utilise what they have learned over and over again. Our curriculum builds on those skills year upon year, both in academic skills, and in creative subjects.

We aim to educate our children in partnership with yourselves. Our relationship is vital to securing the best outcomes for your children, and we value it highly. Our aim is, as a community, to ‘Grow Great Minds Together’

Please visit our website and twitter feeds to see more of our curriculum in action. It is an integral part of our work in school.

We look forward to working with you and your child to ensure continued success and achievement.

If you’d like to get in touch, then please use the ‘contact us’ link above.

Yours faithfully,

 Jonathan Clucas, Headteacher



Jonathan Clucas


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