Half Term Break

Books are so special, they are unique, they open up new worlds, they feed the brain with new information, they inspire and inform, they give power and meaning to new events and artefacts – books are needed!

Children should be surrounded by as many books as possible. A wide range of books: Different sizes, fonts, pictures, cultures, shapes, languages, eras…… just bombard them with books, books and more books – but don’t forget to read them aloud too. 

I love reading. I love reading to children. I love teaching children to read: to appreciate and respect books as I did when I was young and how my daughter did and still does too. A bed time story has to be a parent’s favourite time of day.

I would like to share my Virtual Library with stories read by myself and my daughter. Perhaps you could record yourself reading and post on your ClassDojo profile.

Have an amazing half term and we will see you back in school on Tuesday 22nd February. 

KS1 Virtual Library

I would like to share some stories with you.

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