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Welcome to Layton’s Governance Page

Over the past few years there have been many developments in how governing bodies are expected to function. There is a growing need for greater engagement between the governing body and stakeholders in the school along with increased transparency to their activities.

In response to this the governing body as a whole are engaging in training, while individual governors are undertaking courses to enhance their understanding and effectiveness in their specific roles. A key focus is a deeper understanding of the curriculum and how it fits within the OFSTED framework.

To further this ambition, the governing body is seeking new governors with a keen interest in helping shape the school at a strategic level over the coming years.

In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of the Layton Primary School Governing Body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

2023/24 Academic Year Priorities

This year, the key priorities for the school which governors will support the Senior Leadership Team with are

  • To develop a reading curriculum across school
  • To redesign the Foundation Subjects Curriculum to develop excellence across all areas
  • To develop strategies of dialogical teaching and assessment for learning

Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Layton Primary School has a constitution of twelve members. There are currently two parent governor vacancies, and one co-opted governor vacancy.

The full Governing Body meets once each half term.

Statutory committees (Grievance and Complaints against Staff, Staff Discipline/ Appeals Committees) are to be dealt with by the first three available untainted Governors not employed at the school, using the terms of reference set out in the relevant policy document.

Who can become a Governor?

Almost anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor. There are no particular qualifications or requirements, other than a willingness to give time to the role and a capacity for working with other people.  We have a range of governor from different backgrounds, including: parents/carers, staff and local Councillors and governors from the local community. If you are interested in becoming a governor and would like more information, please contact the school office who can advise you further.

Meet our Governors

Mr Roy Fisher – Chair

Co-Opted Governor

Areas of responsibility: Headteacher Performance Management, Pay Committee

Meetings attended in 2020/21: 3/4

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 5/6

Date of Appointment: 1st September 1999

Term of Office: 01/09/23 – 31/08/27

Roy has been a governor at Layton for over thirty years, and chair of the Governing Board for over twenty. He has lived within the area for many years.

In his professional life, Roy held the chair’s position at NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group and Blackpool Primary Care Trust. He was also a non-executive director on the Primary Care Trust Cluster Board (NHS Lancashire). He is currently a non-executive Board member of the NHS Integrated Care Board for Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Roy has a wide range of experience of local government, including roles as leader of Blackpool Council, chair of Blackpool Challenge Partnership and chair of the Local Strategic Partnership. Previously Roy was member of the North West Regional Assembly and a member of that executive board. Roy has lived in the Blackpool area of Lancashire throughout his life and is able to bring the lived experience of those residents to the Governing Board.

Miss Sarah Royston

Staff Governor

Meetings attended in 2020/21: N/A

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 3/4

Date of Appointment: 19/01/2022

Term of Office: 19/01/22 – 18/01/26

Since joining the Layton Primary School family, I have continued to develop as both a team leader, subject leader and staff governor. Layton is an outstanding school which continually develops the whole child through high expectations, critical thinking questions, enriching experiences and immersing them in the wider world. As a governor, I am able to share the work that happens on a daily basis with stakeholders, celebrating the progress our children make and discussing how to develop further as a school through both the long term and short term goals set.

Mr Mica Goldstone

Parent Governor

Areas of responsibility: Core Subject Scrutiny Group, Website Compliance

Meetings attended in 2020/21: 4/4

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 3/5

Date of Appointment: 15th May 2013

Term of Office: 15/05/17 – 12/05/25

As a governor I have developed an appreciation of the bigger picture of what it means to co-ordinate a large school. Being a part of shaping long term goals and seeing them become part of the successful day-to-day running of the school is rewarding.

It has been very pleasing to see that the success of remote learning for example was largely due to the immediate accessibility of iPads for the children. This is something that was largely possible by the long-term strategy for increasing the use of personal technology as an integrated part of learning.

Mr Stephen Shaw

Co-Opted Governor

Areas of responsibility: Core Subject Scrutiny Group, Headteacher Performance Management, Wellbeing, EYFS

Meetings attended in 2020/21: 2/4

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 4/5

Date of Appointment: 11th October 2011

Term of Office: 15/11/17 – 13/11/25

More information on Mr Shaw to follow

Mr Mark Smith

Local Authority Governor

Areas of responsibility: Pay Committee, Finance

Meetings attended in 2020/21: 4/4

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 5/6

Date of Appointment: 1st September 2011

Term of Office: 11/05/23 – 10/05/27

I have been a governor at Layton school for eleven years now, during that time my daughter has also attended the school. The quality of learning she obtained during these years gave her a good foundation with excellent academic learning and personal skills for secondary school. I believe this was helped by Layton School being an Apple approved school as this gave the pupils a means to strengthen their learning in their own time at home.

I am also an elected Blackpool Councillor for the last eleven years and represent the residents of Talbot Ward.

My professional career is accountancy and I run my own accountancy practice, because of this I can use my skills in giving financial oversight to the school financial budgets ensuring the school finances are in a strong position now and every year.

Dr Stuart Ainsworth

Parent Governor

Areas of responsibility: Foundation Subject Scrutiny Group

Meetings attended in 2019/20: N/A

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 4/4

Date of Appointment: 8/11/21

Term of Office: 8/11/21 to 7/11/25

I have recently joined the board of Governors at Layton as a Parent Governor, with two children currently pupils of the school.

My day job is a scientist specialising in medicines for people bitten by venomous snakes. I grew up in Blackpool before leaving for university but was ultimately drawn back home. Blackpool can be wonderful place to raise a family. However, I’m acutely aware of the lack of exposure that Blackpool’s children have to be introduced to careers in science and technology, and the amazing and fulfilling jobs that can come with them.  I was fortunate enough to be given opportunities as a child in Blackpool to cultivate my interest in science and ultimately turn my passion into my job.  I’m keen to ensure Blackpool’s children today are provided with similar (or better) opportunities to develop their interest in science and technology. I hope being governor will allow me to aid develop exciting science experiences and opportunities for Layton’s pupils.

Mr Peter Rumley

School Governor

Areas of responsibility: Foundation Subject Scrutiny Group, Health and Safety

Meetings attended in 2019/20: N/A

Meetings attended in 2021/22: 3/3

Date of Appointment: 03/02/2022

Term of Office: 03/02/22 – 02/02/26

Peter retired as Site Supervisor from Layton Primary on 31st October 2022.  He has been active in the education sector for much of his working life and active and involved member in Scouts.

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