Extra Curricular Activities

At Layton, we recognise the importance of being physically and mentally active and as such offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs to support and encourage children across many disciplines and topics. 


The variety of extra-curricular clubs are made up of the more traditional sports like netball and football; class-based clubs like music and reading, especially in the reading cafe – who doesn’t love a book and a brew? Also a few alternative options like gardening, Glee Club and Christmas fun.


Layton clubs are a combination of competitive and fun. Participating in leagues, festivals, and one-off events throughout the school year, we ensure every year group has the opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular club.


In addition, local company ‘Northern Taekwondo’ offer paid lessons in martial arts on a Friday after school – please view their website for full information (Bookings to be made direct with them).


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