Foundation Stage - Cobble Hey Farm Visits

24 – 25 June 2019

We are going to take our second trip to Cobble Hey Farm in Garstang next week. During this trip we are going to find out how to shear a sheep and plant some seeds.


We are going to take FP along with half of FK on Monday 24th June. We are going to take FJ along with half of FK on Tuesday 25th June.


The children will need to wear trousers and wellies, but please can they wear their school jumper so they can be easily spotted on the day. We do have some spare wellingtons in school, so if this is a problem do mention it to a member of staff.


If your child is on packed lunches, please can you send the lunch in a disposable plastic bag. Those children who normally have a school meal will have a packed lunch provided by the school kitchen. 


This trip was paid for as part of the payment you made back in March so there is no payment to be made. We will be transported by coach to the farm and the overall cost for both trips was £875.00. School happily paid for half of these two trips.


Children will need to arrive at school at the normal time and the coaches will return to school by 3 p.m.