Early Reading Skills

Layton School prides itself on fostering a love of reading amongst all pupils. From the earliest age children are encouraged to share and enjoy stories beginning with early picture books that the children choose to ‘read’ in class and take home.

In Reception the children are introduced to the LCP Phonics Scheme through which the children learn to blend and segment sounds. The children are taught phonics in accordance with their ability level and this continues throughout Year 1 and 2 and into Year 3 and 4 where more emphasis is placed on spelling rules and patterns. The school uses games and activities from letters and sounds and www.phonicsplay.uk to support the children’s learning.

Once children have begun to learn phonic sounds and how to blend them the children can then access a variety reading books with text, which are colour coded dependent on the level of the child’s ability. All children are provided with opportunities each week to read in guided reading groups. Whilst developing early reading skills children will read Read, Write Inc Phonic Books and Pearson Rigby Star Guided Reading books during their Guided Reading Sessions. Once basic reading skills are established children will then move on to ‘real’ books at the appropriate age/ability level.

Throughout Reception and Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to take a reading book home that is linked to their phonic ability, as well as a home/class reader which they can share or listen to with their parent. These books reflect a wide range of interests and genres at the appropriate age range level and are a combination of staff and children’s choices. Children are also able to select further books from the whole school library and are able to browse a wide selection of comics and magazines in here during class library and opening times.

Many literacy lessons are focused around a class reading book, where reading skills, text types, purpose and effect of writing on an audience are all discussed.

The school regularly hosts Scholastic Book Fairs where parents and children are able to purchase discounted books to foster their love of reading further.

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