Aims & Values

Layton Primary School is a mixed non-denominational Primary School catering for children within the age range 4 years and 0 months to 11 years 10 months. There are three classes in each year group in school. We aim for a maximum class size of 30.


The Aims of the School

Our aim is to develop the learning potential of children and foster a love of learning through;-

  • Robust teaching and learning framework
  • A challenging curriculum focused on pupils need
  • Explicit development of the qualities good learner acquire

 Our work, our ethos and our dedication is centred wholly on these principles. We are a dedicated school family who strive for excellence in our work. Your child will have the opportunity to develop a whole host of skills required for both the present and in later life. We work together, we evaluate successes and failures, and we develop the qualities to make the most of our opportunities. Our school family and ethos is integral to everything we do; we have a love of learning to share with our children and invite you to join with us in the work we undertake.

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