Admission Arrangements

In Blackpool, children are admitted from the beginning of the School Year (School Year is 1st September to following 31st August) in which they become 5.

Admission is in accordance with stated parental preference using criteria laid down in the admissions section of Blackpool Borough Council’s Booklet For Parents, and according to the school’s admission policy.

Layton School offers 90 places for children in Reception. We would recommend that you apply early for places at Layton School as we are a popular school in the locality and our place are filled quickly by Blackpool Council Admissions. Once places are filled the council will place your child on a waiting list. The school does not have any control over which pupils are placed at Layton School.

Admission arrangements for Foundation Stage pupils with effect from 1st September 2012

Week 1
Foundation Stage children do not attend. Home visits will be carried out as part of the induction process during this week.
Week 2
All children attend either in the morning OR in the afternoon
Week 3
All children attend 8.55 to 1pm and stay for lunch
Week 4
All children attend all day 8.55 to 3pm.

In consultation with parents some children will remain part-time until they have settled into the life of the school.

Please note:  At the start of the academic year 2020/21 the induction period for Foundation Stage pupils differs from above and has been extended due to the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic.  Families of Foundation children will have received the information in their Welcome Packs.


Mid-Term Admissions

Non-routine admissions are made through the Local Education Authority. The school has no control over who is, or is not, admitted to the school. You may request a school transfer from from the child’s present school and submit this to Blackpool Council Admissions. This is usually done where a family has moved house and another school is closer to the new home or where a parent considers provision at another school to be more appropriate for their child. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have places for 90 children per year group and legally we cannot exceed this number. In Years 3-6 our offical pupil admission number is 90 per year group, the school may exceed this for children in exceptional circumstances and this would be done through the School Appeal Procedure.


Induction for Parents and Children (Foundation Stage)

Parents of children who have applied for admission to Layton in the September of the academic year in which their child is 5 and who are unfamiliar with the school are invited to view the school at work in the Autumn Term.

Parents who have received an offer of a place for their child (announced late April) will then be invited to a Parents’ Induction Evening in the Summer Term.

Children will be invited into school on dates during the Summer Term so that they can meet their teachers and their fellow pupils.


Induction for Parents and Children (Non-Routine Admissions)

Children who join the school mid-year will normally have a brief induction to the school. This will consist of:

  • Information will be given to the parent prior to the child starting school
  • Parent and child will tour the school with a member of staff
  • If your child has a specific need a meeting will be held with the relevant member of staff to ensure the most appropriate provision is in place prior to the child starting school
  • Class Teachers will allocate a ‘friend’ in class to look after the new pupil
  • All children will be made to feel welcome by all members of our school community

Parentapps Connect

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Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.

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