Absence Reporting

It has always been a necessity that you report your child’s absence to school.  However, in these current times it is even more important that you let us know why your child is absent.  You can do this by the ParentApps system or by phoning school on (01253) 392179 and leaving a message.

If your child is experiencing Corona Virus/COVID19 symptoms you must request a test to stop the potential infection of others.  You can find out how to request a test by clicking here 

If you are unsure of what the symptoms are for Corona Virus/COVID19, you can ask your healthcare professional for advice or you can click here

It is very important to self isolate until you have the results of your test, to ensure the public health of the whole community.  Unfortunately, for public health safety reasons, your child will not be able to return to school without a negative test result or, if infected, being fully clear from the virus and fit to return. If your child presents symptoms in school, you will be asked to take your child home and arrange a test.

There is more information about childhood illnesses in the Parents section.  Click here to be directed