Staff List

Headteacher Jonathan Clucas
Assistant Headteacher
Teaching and Learning / Inclusion /
Head of Key Stage 1
Katherine Shuttleworth
Assistant Headteacher
Teaching and Learning /ICT
Head of Key Stage 2
Claire Jones
Team Leaders

            Foundation Stage Leader

Zoe Kennell

            Year 1 Team Leader

Rachel England

            Year 2 Team Leader

Lucy Dyer

            Year 3 Team Leader

Anthony Shepherd

            Year 4 Team Leader

Natalie Dean

            Year 5 Team Leader

Mike Moor

            Year 6 Team Leader

Catherine Rollinson

PPA Team Leader

Julie Barr


Zoe Kennell

Abbie Mills

Shirley Potts

Rachel England

Eve Johnson 

Tasneen Mapara

Lucy Dyer

Anthony Shepherd

Beckie Roberts

Lauren Killeen

Natalie Dean

Sue Moor

Jemma Bunce

Mike Moor

Lucy Carolan

Alice Nutt

Olivia Domics

Catherine Rollinson

Julie Barr

Sarah Leighton

Karli Johnson

Natalie Walters

Mel Easton

Abby Percival, Music teacher




Learning Support Assistants

Carol Goodinson, Kay Webb, Katy Fairclough

Foundation Stage

Clare Looker, Zara Byrne

Year 1

Deborah Hargreaves, Kim Beatty, Joanna Moss

Year 2

Claire Jones,  Anna Evans

Year 3

Andrea Thompson, Gemma Askham, Diane Tweedale

Year 4

Gail Hemsworth, Hayley Conway, Sue Mosley

Year 5

Michelle Walsh, Lisa Law, Ruth Goldstone

Year 6

Sophie McDowell


Sara Blackburn


CP Lead / Attendance Officer / Learning Mentor  Current vacancy
Family Support Worker

Lisa Horton

Pauline Johnson

School Business Manager Lisa Sheldon
Business Support Officer Gabriella Boi
Admin Assistants

Carol Wellard

Kirsty Wilkinson (PA to SLT)

Lynsey Haley-Davis

Premises Manager Lance Stokes/Peter Rumley
Cleaner in Charge Tracy Noakes
Cleaning Staff Carol Mallon
Michelle Kershaw
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Lisa Barnes
Lunchtime Supervisors

Peter Barnes              Ann Gibson

Zoe Dziegiel               

Kath Ellison                Lynette Hall

Janette Bamforth       Michelle Hall

Gemma Harvey

Cheryl Dyson             Deborah Hodson

Nicola Penketh           Stacey Richardson

Elaine Taylor               Diane Wilson

Kate Powell                 Monika Zak




Crossing Patrol Ann Gibson  
Peripatetic Music Teachers Helen Harrison (Strings)
Ian Whittaker (Brass)
Mr Simpson (Percussion)
After School Club

Andrea Thompson

Deborah Hargreaves
Michelle Hall
Kath Ellison

Diane Wilson
Ruth Goldstone

Breakfast Club

Anna Evans

Lisa Law
Janette Bamforth

Elaine Taylor

Diane Wilson



This page will be updated at the start of the new academic year/September '17' with the new staffing structure within school